Is Homebirth Right for You?

2021:  Kelly is currently retired and not available for births. You will still find great info and resources on this site, so read on…

 If you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant, choosing a care provider is one of the most important items on your To Do list. In Santa Cruz County, we are blessed to have a variety of options for prenatal and birth care.  One important option to explore is homebirth with a midwife.

As a licensed midwife, I provide prenatal, birth, and postpartum care for healthy women who are planning to have their babies in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Water birth is a welcome option with me. If you’re interested in reading some birth stories, grab a cup of tea and enjoy! If you’re curious what life for a midwife retired from active practice is like, you can follow me on Instagram. Older posts will be much more midwife and birth related.

For healthy women, homebirth with a licensed midwife has been clearly demonstrated to be as safe as hospital birth. In many ways, it can be a safer option, particularly regarding avoidance of unnecessary medications, episiotomy, and cesarean section. If you’re interested in the safety of homebirth, click here. If you like research about homebirth, I’ve got you covered. Looking for resources for homebirth in Santa Cruz? Try this page!

Homebirth with a midwife is not the right choice for every woman. But if you’re curious if it could be right for you, get in touch for a complimentary interview. Also be sure to check out what clients have to say about my care. Even more reviews can be found on my Yelp page.

All photos used with permission.

My initial experience with Kelly was as the apprentice at my first birth which was a very long labor. She spent the night at my home, was very patient, supportive, and encouraging.

For my second pregnancy Kelly was my midwife. At 12 weeks when I was out at Shakespeare Santa Cruz and started bleeding heavily we called her. She was waiting for us when we got home with supplies and the moral support I needed in the face of the pregnancy ending. She sat with me for three hours while we waited for the bleeding to stop. When it didn’t she  accompanied us to the hospital and stayed until I was out of surgery, which was about 3am. I am so grateful she was there to help me know when it was time to seek medical attention before I was real danger.

Kelly was my midwife for my last birth four months ago. I so enjoyed all my prenatal visits with her. She is very easy to talk to, sympathetic, and knowledgeable. She is also so accessible and willing to do whatever is needed to ensure everyone’s well being.

I can’t recommend Kelly enough! ~~JH, via Yelp (in reviews not currently recommended by them)

So Enjoyed

Kelly went above and beyond for us as our midwife. She’s so knowledgeable as well as personable and compassionate.  We never felt rushed during our appointments, she thoroughly answered all of our questions and made us feel like her only clients. I can’t say enough good things about her, A+ midwife!!  We have 2 children already but if we have any more she’s the only midwife I would hire. She made our birthing experience so amazing. LS, via Yelp (in reviews not currently recommended by them)

Above & Beyond