Resources for Homebirth

Pacific Community Midwives (recently on sabbatical, but we still occasionally post on Instagram)

PacificMidwivesI’m pleased to be part of this collaboration with Tari Neill, LM, CPM, another licensed midwife in our community. While we each have our own private clients, we have created a formal backup system that will serve our clients well. Click the link to read more about us! Chances are you’ll meet Tari during your pregnancy and it’s quite possible she will be the second midwife at your birth.

Birth Network is Santa Cruz County’s one-stop resource for “mother friendly” birth practitioners of all stripes. Find a massage therapist, prenatal yoga class, compostable diapers, doulas, midwives, or independent childbirth education class here!
This is an exceptional organization for and by midwifery supporters. Please consider becoming a member.

2014 movie about the microbiome surrounding pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. They have a lot of ongoing research and continuing education for people interested.

Just for fun! I think every pregnant woman and new family should consider professional photographs to commemorate this amazing event. Tatiana does exceptional work! Check her site out!

Samantha Noel Photography

Samantha does maternity, newborn, and birth photography in and around Santa Cruz County. Can you tell I think everyone should consider professional photography for their pregnancy, birth and new family?

Birth Santa Cruz (now defunct; some materials available on Samples page on this site). Frustrated by the lack of accurate information about childbirth in our community, two fellow midwives and I created Birth Santa Cruz. Check it out!  Besides hosting fundraisers and family picnics, we have fabulous handouts:  “10 Ways to Pay for Your Homebirth” and “What’s a New Mom–or Dad–to Do?”  available there.