I recently had my first baby and Kelly was by my side working as our midwife.
I can’t imagine having done it any other way!

When I first met with Kelly, I knew she would be someone I would want with me during this important stage of my life. She was very informative while being warm, supportive and inviting. As a first time mom, she answered all of my questions while bringing up things I didn’t even think to ask. She took us under her wing and helped us find resources outside of the pregnancy as well in order to make our lives easier during that time. Her office is lovely and is easy to find. It has a very relaxing atmosphere. I loved how “at-home” I felt there.

Throughout the pregnancy, she was available to answer any questions. She made herself available through phone calls, email and text… which I liked for non-urgent questions….. you can’t get that from an OBGYN!
We developed a special bond that I feel is only available from a midwife. She became our friend while being my healthcare provider. It was the best I could hope for from someone who would be taking care of me and my baby. She prepared us for labor so that we felt confident about the big event.

When labor time came, her presence was a relief. Things went as I would hope for up until the final moments of pushing when my baby went into distress. Nature threw us a curveball and Kelly knew exactly what to do. If I had been in the hospital, C-Section, forceps or vacuum most likely would have been performed. But with her knowledge and experience, I had my baby naturally at home like I planned. And most importantly, my 9 pound 4 ounces baby boy was healthy and in my arms.

She stayed with us after the birth to help us get settled and came over the following week for our first postpartum visits to maximize my healing time.
She helped me get breastfeeding going after a few hard days. Baby and I are now working beautifully together.

Kelly was the ultimate midwife, providing healthcare, friendship and love to me and my family. I am completely sold on homebirth and recommend Kelly 100%.  ~~PH, via Yelp (reviews not recommended by them)