Heart’s Content

It’s taken me 5 months to write this review; not because I didn’t want to or because I didn’t think Kelly was deserving but because she is such a wonderful person and midwife that it’s been challenging to find the words worthy enough.

My husband and I went into our interview with Kelly knowing that a home birth was what we wanted to welcome our first baby; however we went in feeling a bit overwhelmed not knowing if we were asking the right questions or being thorough enough. From the moment we took a seat, a sense of comfort and ease came over us. Her warm down-to-earth presence immediately brought comfort. She allowed us to ask our questions and voice our concerns but guided and filled in where we may have left blanks. We knew that she would be the midwife we wanted and needed by our side throughout our pregnancy and delivery. To cover our bases, we did interview a couple of other midwives but kept finding ourselves returning to Kelly.

Throughout our entire pregnancy Kelly was attentive, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. She was proactive in our care, always explaining and discussing all options that were  available (we had to overcome a breech baby and anemia). During all prenatal appointments Kelly was extremely professional yet maintained her fun approachable personality.

We had a challenging delivery but with Kelly’s guidance, professionalism, and expertise we were able to welcome our sweet baby boy in the comfort of our home. Kelly did propose “plan B’ options throughout the challenging part of our delivery. We appreciated her remaining realistic and grounded incase an alternative route was needed. Through a ‘power hour’ of a warm shower and chicken soup, a baby was brought earth side… and for that, I will forever be grateful for Kelly.

We cannot recommend Kelly enough. We are not allowed to leave Santa Cruz until all babies are born under the care of Kelly. Perk: Kelly has fruit trees… if they’re fruiting, you’ll be gifted delicious apples, figs and plums until your heart’s content.

Kelly you’re something special! Keep doing what you’re doing… us mamas are thankful. ~~AC, vi Yelp (in reviews not currently recommended by them)