It’s taken me 5 months to write this review; not because I didn’t want to or because I didn’t think Kelly was deserving but because she is such a wonderful person and midwife that it’s been challenging to find the words worthy enough.

My husband and I went into our interview with Kelly knowing that a home birth was what we wanted to welcome our first baby; however we went in feeling a bit overwhelmed not knowing if we were asking the right questions or being thorough enough. From the moment we took a seat, a sense of comfort and ease came over us. Her warm down-to-earth presence immediately brought comfort. She allowed us to ask our questions and voice our concerns but guided and filled in where we may have left blanks. We knew that she would be the midwife we wanted and needed by our side throughout our pregnancy and delivery. To cover our bases, we did interview a couple of other midwives but kept finding ourselves returning to Kelly.

Throughout our entire pregnancy Kelly was attentive, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. She was proactive in our care, always explaining and discussing all options that were  available (we had to overcome a breech baby and anemia). During all prenatal appointments Kelly was extremely professional yet maintained her fun approachable personality.

We had a challenging delivery but with Kelly’s guidance, professionalism, and expertise we were able to welcome our sweet baby boy in the comfort of our home. Kelly did propose “plan B’ options throughout the challenging part of our delivery. We appreciated her remaining realistic and grounded incase an alternative route was needed. Through a ‘power hour’ of a warm shower and chicken soup, a baby was brought earth side… and for that, I will forever be grateful for Kelly.

We cannot recommend Kelly enough. We are not allowed to leave Santa Cruz until all babies are born under the care of Kelly. Perk: Kelly has fruit trees… if they’re fruiting, you’ll be gifted delicious apples, figs and plums until your heart’s content.

Kelly you’re something special! Keep doing what you’re doing… us mamas are thankful. ~~AC, vi Yelp (in reviews not currently recommended by them)

Heart’s Content

My initial experience with Kelly was as the apprentice at my first birth which was a very long labor. She spent the night at my home, was very patient, supportive, and encouraging.

For my second pregnancy Kelly was my midwife. At 12 weeks when I was out at Shakespeare Santa Cruz and started bleeding heavily we called her. She was waiting for us when we got home with supplies and the moral support I needed in the face of the pregnancy ending. She sat with me for three hours while we waited for the bleeding to stop. When it didn’t she  accompanied us to the hospital and stayed until I was out of surgery, which was about 3am. I am so grateful she was there to help me know when it was time to seek medical attention before I was real danger.

Kelly was my midwife for my last birth four months ago. I so enjoyed all my prenatal visits with her. She is very easy to talk to, sympathetic, and knowledgeable. She is also so accessible and willing to do whatever is needed to ensure everyone’s well being.

I can’t recommend Kelly enough! ~~JH, via Yelp (in reviews not currently recommended by them)

So Enjoyed

If you are planning a home birth in Santa Cruz, you are lucky because we have the best community of midwives!  One of which is Kelly Olmstead.  Kelly is more than a midwife, through our months together, she became a friend, a counselor, an extremely informed caregiver, and a rockstar in my eyes!  I felt connected and comfortable with Kelly the minute I met her.  She is concise and efficient during visits but also provides an environment for sharing and learning.  The birth of my son was the peak of my life.  Kelly showed up ready to rock and roll and made me feel at ease, happy, and completely supported.  Her postpartum care of me and my son was so valuable, I never wanted it to end!  I’d put my pregnancy and my baby in her hands again and again. ~~ES, via Yelp (in reviews not currently recommended by them)

Peak of My Life

Kelly was with me at both of my births.  She made me feel safe, capable, and in control.  She is super informative and easy to get along with.  My family loves her as do I.  I have friends who have had great experiences with her as well.  I feel so lucky to have had positive birth experiences and part of that is due to Kelly being there.
Highly recommend her! ~~MG, via Yelp (in reviews not currently recommended)

Highly Recommend

Had planned on interviewing multiple midwives but Kelly was the first one and we fell in love!  She went above and beyond in every single aspect of the pregnancy and birth .  Caring and knowledgeable, you can’t ask for a better person to guide you through the crazy experience of having a baby!  I highly recommend her to anyone considering homebirth.  Meet her once and you will feel confident that you are doing the right thing!  thanks Kelly! ~~MF, via Yelp (in reviews not currently recommended by them)

Fell in Love

Kelly went above and beyond for us as our midwife. She’s so knowledgeable as well as personable and compassionate.  We never felt rushed during our appointments, she thoroughly answered all of our questions and made us feel like her only clients. I can’t say enough good things about her, A+ midwife!!  We have 2 children already but if we have any more she’s the only midwife I would hire. She made our birthing experience so amazing. LS, via Yelp (in reviews not currently recommended by them)

Above & Beyond

I recently had my first baby and Kelly was by my side working as our midwife.
I can’t imagine having done it any other way!

When I first met with Kelly, I knew she would be someone I would want with me during this important stage of my life. She was very informative while being warm, supportive and inviting. As a first time mom, she answered all of my questions while bringing up things I didn’t even think to ask. She took us under her wing and helped us find resources outside of the pregnancy as well in order to make our lives easier during that time. Her office is lovely and is easy to find. It has a very relaxing atmosphere. I loved how “at-home” I felt there.

Throughout the pregnancy, she was available to answer any questions. She made herself available through phone calls, email and text… which I liked for non-urgent questions….. you can’t get that from an OBGYN!
We developed a special bond that I feel is only available from a midwife. She became our friend while being my healthcare provider. It was the best I could hope for from someone who would be taking care of me and my baby. She prepared us for labor so that we felt confident about the big event.

When labor time came, her presence was a relief. Things went as I would hope for up until the final moments of pushing when my baby went into distress. Nature threw us a curveball and Kelly knew exactly what to do. If I had been in the hospital, C-Section, forceps or vacuum most likely would have been performed. But with her knowledge and experience, I had my baby naturally at home like I planned. And most importantly, my 9 pound 4 ounces baby boy was healthy and in my arms.

She stayed with us after the birth to help us get settled and came over the following week for our first postpartum visits to maximize my healing time.
She helped me get breastfeeding going after a few hard days. Baby and I are now working beautifully together.

Kelly was the ultimate midwife, providing healthcare, friendship and love to me and my family. I am completely sold on homebirth and recommend Kelly 100%.  ~~PH, via Yelp (reviews not recommended by them)

What an amazing experience!!!  To go from an OB/GYN that didn’t offer any guidance on what to expect to having a mentor walking us through the experience was a fabulous transformation.  We interviewed several midwives but knew immediately after meeting her that she was the right choice for us.  Her confidence in her technical ability shined through and put me at ease knowing that we were in good hands.  I can’t imagine better care in the emergence of our baby girl. My wife and I will absolutely recommend her to any and all of our friends and certainly call her when we decide that it is time to do this again.  Thank you Kelly!!! KG, via Yelp (in reviews not recommended by them)

A Dad’s View

I could not say enough GOOD things about Kelly. When medi-cal was taking forever to get approved, I started to worry and wondered how I was going to have my baby. I called quite a few midwives and questioned about home births. All the midwives so nice, but I clicked so well with Kelly and knew she was the one! She was very willing to work out payment arrangements so I could have the birth I wanted. When I decide to have another baby, she will be who I call first. I love having a great bond with her. She helped me have the most positive and natural birth I could have. If you are looking to have a home birth, I recommend, Kelly! ~~AF, via Yelp (reviews not recommended by them)

Positive & Natural

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