homebirth mother with newborn midwife in Santa Cruz

Three Babies with Kelly

I can’t even imagine the births of my three children without Kelly’s presence- as my doula, then as my midwife (under supervision), and finally as my primary midwife. Her arrival at my births marked a turning point in my labor where all anxieties melted away and I got down to the business of birthing without fear. She seemed to always know exactly what I needed to hear in each moment and exactly what to do to make me feel relaxed, confident and reassured. I also feel that her presence was as helpful for my husband as it was for me. He is extremely supportive, but wasn’t sure exactly what kind of support I needed while in labor. When Kelly arrived, he easily followed her lead and became super-husband. Kelly is warm, professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and a lot of fun. I never want to give birth without her there!” ~Jenna