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Siblings greeting the newborn babyKelly was our family’s midwife for the homebirths of our two daughters. She possesses the unique ability to create a warm, comfortable setting for the entire family, while also providing direct answers and no-frills guidance. We never left the office feeling like our questions and concerns hadn’t been addressed, and never once did we feel like we weren’t her highest priority (even though she is always juggling multiple clients). She is always up-to-date on the latest ACOG research and recommendations, and has excellent relationships with the greater Santa Cruz birth community including OB/GYNs, doulas, birth class instructors, prenatal acupuncturists, and other midwives. Kelly is also a parent who has given birth in both a hospital and homebirth setting so she knows firsthand what moms are experiencing from start to finish. ~Kendra

shasisbirth2Kelly walked us through the awesome journey of birth with confidence, care, kindness, and all the tools we needed to have a successful home birth. We felt so well taken care of throughout the entire process from the prenatal care to all the questions post birth. During the birth she was a perfect blend of quiet observer and present guide. We were grateful for her and the experience she helped us cultivate. ~Shana

I feel so blessed by the turn of events in our life and the network of amazing people we are becoming connected to. 
27 weeks – stumbled upon homebirth, MUST DO
29 weeks – found our midwife, Kelly ❤
37 weeks – Aetna reluctantly approves the home birth as in network
40 weeks – joined the secret women’s club, gave birth to my daughter without drugs, in my home surrounded by women I admire and a hubby who earned his stripes.
41.5 weeks – referred to a family Dr. we all feel completely comfortable with who supports home birth and selective vaccinations!
Seriously, this has been everything and more than I dreamed about. My heart is overflowing with joy and happiness. Thank you for being a part of my network!


Kelly delivered my daughter at home and I will be forever grateful for the experience. I always felt safe with Kelly and that allowed me to labor with confidence. The birth was exactly what I had hoped for but her postpartum care was above and beyond what I expected. Breastfeeding didn’t come easily for me but Kelly would not let me fail.  She visited me often and brought a lactation consultant (to my house at 8pm on a Wednesday) when I was really struggling. Kelly is great at what she does and a fun person to boot. ~Jenn

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Photo in Kendra’s testimonial by Elizabeth Strong.